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Welcome to my website and my world of art.


My name is Sonja Peacock and I am an artist from South Africa who has been painting for over 30 years. I have background in the scenic art industry working on some large scale international projects and working independently before that as a paint technique artist.


With my paintings I have experimented with different art styles and mediums over the years. Though a lot of my work are realistic, my favourite painting style is abstract art because of the freedom to work from my subconscious mind and my favourite medium is acrylics because of the fast drying time.


I am always trying every angle of creativeness and make small craft items from time to time. During 2010, I have started with handpainted wooden wall plaques and shelve plaques which I made from reclaimed wood and materials. My aim had been my love for inspirational quotes and sayings that I had combined with my art and painting it on the wooden wall plaques.


Then I have started working with possibilities of paper as a medium during 2017, creating uniquely crafted artdolls using paper mâché and paper clay. It opened the door to a new level of creativeness unknown to me before and though still new to the craft form and still learning, combining my love for painting with creativeness and different elements that I love, like jewelrymaking, crocheting and needlework and bringing it together with paper which represents my love for words, into one creation is something that I really love doing.


I also love designing and use all my previous art & illustrations and combine it with photo effects, images and inspirational, motivational quotes and sayings and my poems and then use it for designing on apparel for POD stores. Then last but not least, I love writing poetry but prefer to write only in my home language: Afrikaans. 


If you are interested in any of my work or should you have any question, a comment, a suggestion or just want to get in contact with me, please do so by using the form under the contact me header, as I would love to hear from you.


Thank you for visiting my website.


Sonja Peacock