About Me

My name is Sonja Peacock and I am an artist from South Africa.

I have started Sun Art Creations in 2010; initially selling a mixture of hand painted wooden wall plaques, shelves plaques and smaller craft items made from reclaimed wood or materials, after I had been given a pile of old wooden floor planks. After a few years I found the market on reclaimed planks a supersaturated market and knew it was time to move from an overcrowded path.

Though I always had been a creative and arty type of person and had been painting for as long as I can remember, I never found a niche where I felt I really belong. So my journey through art, became a learning experience where I experimented with different mediums, styles and materials at different times in my life, expressing myself through that phases in my life with whatever materials I had at hand at that time. I had also been privileged enough to had been working as a scenic artist, not only locally but also on very large scale international projects, side by side with artist from all over the world, which has not only enriched my life with the best learning experience but also have left me with tremendous gratitude for my journey.

In 2017, I have started exploring the possibilities of working with paper as a medium, which lead me to a whole new path and a new level of creativeness unknown to me before: creating paper mâché sculptures and figures and though I had been working with sculptors before in the scenic art industry and had a basic idea about sculpturing, it nevertheless became a new learning experience for me.

Although I am still relatively new to the craft and art form and still learning along the way, combining my love for painting with creativeness and different elements that I love, like jewelry making, crocheting and needlework and bringing it together with paper which represents my love for words, into one creation is something that I really love doing. Today I am at a place where I feel that I belong and I know that all my phases has only prepared me for where I am today and I am thankful for that.

I also use all my previous art & illustrations and combine it with photo effects, images and inspirational, motivational quotes and sayings and my poems and then use it for designing on apparel for POD stores.

If you have an inquiry, a comment, a suggestion or just want to get in contact me please send an email to: info@sunart.co.za as I would love to hear from you.

Thank you

Sonja Peacock